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Universal SEO Training & Consultancy is an inbound digital marketing, analytics, training and optimization company based in Thane and Mumbai. We help companies precisely track their online advertising results and get more quality traffic and sales with effective strategy.

If you own a business, have aspiring growth goals, and are seeking for an amazing partner to help you significantly improve your digital marketing performance and increase your customer base, you’ve come to the right place.

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Who is this SEO Training Class for?

  • Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs who will like to get established online, achieve greater rankings and boost website traffic.
  • Marketing Professionals, or Individuals who will like to learn SEO, launch a career in SEO and advance their SEO skills.

No prior SEO knowledge is required. Participant levels differ from beginner to intermediate and classes cater to all key levels.

Why Choose our Universal SEO Training Course?

  • We are ranked as one of the Best SEO Training Classes in Mumbai by Past Attendees.
  • We instill proven white hat techniques in our students that will help them get results.
  • Students are able to walk away with a right understanding of SEO and what they require to do.
  • We provide plenty of opportunities for Q & A, Live Projects, Job Placements and Interview Training.
  • We are passionate about teaching SEO and helping you succeed.

Who can be an SEO Professional?

Student or Fresh Graduate :

There are innumerable opportunities for a fresh graduate in the field of SEO. Search Google for “Fresh Graduate and SEO” (that is called a keyword – a bunch of words you type in Google search box), you will see more than 500,000 results. And most of the job openings you see will ask for Good English language, Communication skills and Team spirit. A professional certificate in SEO and live project experience with Universal Computer Art will definitely put to light years ahead of your fellow competitors – your friends!

Web Designer :

Are you one among those designers who think SEO is not for web designers? SEO is not only for marketers or fresh graduates. Every new online business entrepreneurs want their website to be Search engine and social media optimized to drastically increase the traffic. Most of the on-page optimization work involves the tweaking of web page elements through your web page codes.

Content Developer or Copy Writer :

Being an SEO copy writer, one needs to write for the audience. That is the on-page optimization. Your website content should distribute the keywords with a flowing content that connects with the audience. And the content should attract natural links. This is for off-page optimization. Writing an original and compelling content is something that attracts genuine traffic to the site.

Working Professional :

You can take the SEO Certification offered by us practice it for your business / company’s growth. We give exclusive corporate training for working professional and conduct weekend seminars by our alumni.

Business Entrepreneur :

For business entrepreneurs, it is more of an online marketing strategy that needs to be well planned before starting a new online advertising campaign. We conduct exclusive training sessions for those inquisitive minds.

Any individual :

Any individual who has an urge to learn, basic computer knowledge and rational approach.

Check out our capabilities and course details. Walk in today to become a SEO Professional. We have produced some of industry’s best SEO professionals in Town.

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